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RapidChat: Erica Lang

Back in November of 2013, Rapid Growth Media covered Erica Lang and Brooke Ruble during the adolescent stage of their company, Woosah Outfitters. Nearly two years later, we follow up with Erica (who is now the sole owner) on the progression of the enterprise, dig a little bit deeper into the mind of Miss Lang, and see what awakens her creative senses. 


G-Sync: Making a new list

In 1997 Apple asked us to "Think Different" and it became one of their most discussed ad campaigns. Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen looks to the economic fabric of our city and wonders what we will have in the near future if we "build different" now.


Start Garden partners with new accelerator, dives into the Internet of Things

Start Garden recently announced the Seamless Coalition and Accelerator, a partnership with Meijer, Steelcase and other notable area companies that will focus on Internet of Things startups. We explore what it means for the region -- and what the heck is the Internet of Things, anyway?


RapidChat: Kevin Stotts

As the organizer of Hello West Michigan and several other community programs, Kevin Stotts could be tagged as an entrepreneur at the very least. He currently holds the position of President of West Michigan's Talent 2025 program, and with his experience, he knows that there is much more that contributes to economic prosperity than simply creating jobs.

Linda Otterbridge

RapidBlog: A lifestyle business is good business

Local entrepreneur and mentor Linda Otterbridge is often asked whether 'lifestyle businesses' are legitimate businesses. She ponders the question, then shares her answer with readers in this week's RapidBlog.


Rappin' on The Rapid: Ride along with two LaughFest comics

Comedians in cars getting coffee? Nah. How about two LaughFest comedians on the bus getting coffee right here in Grand Rapids? Take a seriously funny ride along with Matt Laurie and Tracey Ashley as they see the city from the Silver Line during the fifth annual comedy festival in this video feature.


G-Sync: "It's our time . . ."

Patricia Arquette delivered the shot heard around the living room as she accepted her Oscar, bringing many in the audience (and everywhere) to their feet. Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen joins the growing number of individuals in our nation asking that we close the wage gap now.


Exporting diplomacy: What one Mitten-centric house hopes to do at SXSW

Imagine you're inside a house where, as much as possible, everything you see was made in Michigan: the chair you're sitting in, the art on the wall, the beer in your hand, and the live music coming from the band set up on the lawn. Now imagine that house in Austin, Texas during next month's SXSW, and you have a glimpse of the innovative space being created and exported by a creative group of collaborative partners in West Michigan and beyond. Read on for all the Michigan-made details.


Smart, local ways to be well in 2015: Doorganics

Yeah, yeah: you want to lose five pounds, exercise more, eat less. Who doesn't, at least during the month of January? But wellness means more than numbers on a scale, and a few local initiatives are playing their part in crafting a healthier Grand Rapids. Each week this month, Rapid Growth will feature one unique way to be well in West Michigan. Want a more thoughtful, sustainable path to feeling better in 2015? Read on.

Gwadue Bossuah

RapidChat: Gwadue Bossuah

After years of being a personal trainer, Gwadue Bossuah introduced Grand Rapids’ first dedicated indoor cycling and kettlebell studio, Fzique, in April 2014. A mixture of upbeat music, motivational coaching, and a truly inspirational atmosphere, this boutique-style studio is sure to make your daily workouts far less of a chore.   

Scott Townley

UIX: Scott Townley, Alison Morgan cultivate Hope

Alison Morgan, project coordinator for Hope Farms, along with farm manager Scott Townley, help refugees learn and grow marketable skills at the Southeastern Grand Rapids farm plot.


Made in West Michigan: Shop hyper-local for the holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us, and Rapid Growth has the scoop on how to shop hyper-local for the holidays. Kara McNabb offers up a bevy of talented creatives in and around Grand Rapids who take 'Made in Michigan' to a whole new level. Before you make your list and check it twice, read on.

 Tera Qualls

Do Good: 'Momentum' helps nonprofits successfully navigate the future

Nonprofit organizations have common challenges, often require the help of an outsider to keep them on track and aligned with their mission, and need to learn how to adapt to changes within and outside the organizational environment. Luckily, upstart company 'Momentum' is here to help. At the helm is Tera Qualls, who brings her experience working at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at GVSU to the launch of this new organization.


RapidChat: Ashima Saigal

Ashima Saigal just returned from the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco where she was recognized for her work helping nonprofits make peace with their data. Ashima has always been ahead of her time: she studied Computer Science at MSU and was an early adopter of both cloud-based computing and yoga. Now that the world is catching up, she’s zooming ahead: weaving a thread of mindfulness throughout life and work, observing more women entering her field, and, finally, moving to a new home in Grand Rapids proper. Read on as we chat all about it.

Lizzie Williams, left, and Diana R. Sieger, right.

RapidChat: Diana R. Sieger and Lizzie Williams

Diana R. Sieger and Lizzie Williams recently received community-wide recognition as ATHENA Award winners at the Chamber of Commerce’s annual event recognizing really amazing women. Their careers are different in sector and length, but they share a common perspective on the importance of taking a macro view and considering why it all matters. Read on as we chat about art, entrepreneurship, and building community just by showing up. 
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