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Brandon Voorhees

RapidChat: Brandon Voorhees

In the spirit (pun intended) of the newly launched 'Cocktail Week GR,' we recently chatted with Brandon Voorhees of Gray Skies Distillery. While the upcoming distillery will not be participating in this years 12-day affair, we can't help but eagerly anticipate their early 2016 launch already.

Roderick Daniels

UIX: Roderick Daniels and Kingmakers aim to set others on the path to success

Roderick Daniels' Kingmakers is an organization that seeks to keep men and women from a life on the streets through skill building and work. He draws on his own story as proof it can be done.


RapidChat: Jamiel Robinson

As Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses launches another ambitious #30Days30Dollars challenge, Rapid Growth chats with its founder, Jamiel Robinson, in a candid conversation about economic development, the importance of a robust minority-owned business community, and what this lifelong Grand Rapidian thinks the Ferguson report has to do with his city.


Soletics brings warmth and healing for disease sufferers, one finger at a time

A local startup hopes to provide relief to sufferers of Raynaud’s disease and other conditions by offering lightweight smart gloves that provide targeted heat therapy. Find out how the three co-founders of Soletics, all recent graduates of Grand Valley State University’s business program as well as Emerge Xcelerator, plan to finish refining their glove’s design and take the product to market within the next year.

Kati Palmukar

RapidChat: Kati Palmukar

Described as 'half coffee house, half animal shelter, and all fun!', Happy Cat Café aims to shed some positive light on the animal adoption process. But with only one week left in their all-or-nothing fundraising campaign, owner Kati Palmukar is in need of further public assistance to get her idea off the ground.


RapidChat: Adam Kail

As discussion continues on bringing more retail tenants to downtown Grand Rapids, entrepreneur Adam Kail has turned a blind eye to the conversation. Instead of partaking in the chatter, he and his team are taking a stance: Brother's Leather Supply Co. will be opening their first brick and mortar store at 15 S. Division this September.


From one phone number, many; local startup Intryst aims to rid the world of unwanted calls, texts

Tired of giving out your phone number? A Grand Rapids-based startup wants you to give people their number instead. Intryst creates bridge numbers so you can talk to people without the other party ever knowing your real number, and they plan to change the way you think about phone communication forever.


RapidChat: Erica Lang

Back in November of 2013, Rapid Growth Media covered Erica Lang and Brooke Ruble during the adolescent stage of their company, Woosah Outfitters. Nearly two years later, we follow up with Erica (who is now the sole owner) on the progression of the enterprise, dig a little bit deeper into the mind of Miss Lang, and see what awakens her creative senses. 


G-Sync: Making a new list

In 1997 Apple asked us to "Think Different" and it became one of their most discussed ad campaigns. Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen looks to the economic fabric of our city and wonders what we will have in the near future if we "build different" now.


Start Garden partners with new accelerator, dives into the Internet of Things

Start Garden recently announced the Seamless Coalition and Accelerator, a partnership with Meijer, Steelcase and other notable area companies that will focus on Internet of Things startups. We explore what it means for the region -- and what the heck is the Internet of Things, anyway?


RapidChat: Kevin Stotts

As the organizer of Hello West Michigan and several other community programs, Kevin Stotts could be tagged as an entrepreneur at the very least. He currently holds the position of President of West Michigan's Talent 2025 program, and with his experience, he knows that there is much more that contributes to economic prosperity than simply creating jobs.

Linda Otterbridge

RapidBlog: A lifestyle business is good business

Local entrepreneur and mentor Linda Otterbridge is often asked whether 'lifestyle businesses' are legitimate businesses. She ponders the question, then shares her answer with readers in this week's RapidBlog.


Rappin' on The Rapid: Ride along with two LaughFest comics

Comedians in cars getting coffee? Nah. How about two LaughFest comedians on the bus getting coffee right here in Grand Rapids? Take a seriously funny ride along with Matt Laurie and Tracey Ashley as they see the city from the Silver Line during the fifth annual comedy festival in this video feature.


G-Sync: "It's our time . . ."

Patricia Arquette delivered the shot heard around the living room as she accepted her Oscar, bringing many in the audience (and everywhere) to their feet. Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen joins the growing number of individuals in our nation asking that we close the wage gap now.


Exporting diplomacy: What one Mitten-centric house hopes to do at SXSW

Imagine you're inside a house where, as much as possible, everything you see was made in Michigan: the chair you're sitting in, the art on the wall, the beer in your hand, and the live music coming from the band set up on the lawn. Now imagine that house in Austin, Texas during next month's SXSW, and you have a glimpse of the innovative space being created and exported by a creative group of collaborative partners in West Michigan and beyond. Read on for all the Michigan-made details.
176 Articles | Page: | Show All
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