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Development Features

RG Spindance

Lakeshore software company looks toward a big future in smart products

Holland smart software company Spindance plans to expand their area footprint and polish up their brand with a new office in Grand Rapids and a website re-design. Steven Thomas Kent peeks inside to report on their savvy approach to smart technology.


Bright idea: How investments in solar energy make for better business plans in West Michigan

What does sunshine have to do with the pint of beer on your local bar? Anya Zentmeyer explains how Alliance for Environmental Sustainability is working with SRInergy and the Michigan Saves Solar Works Initiative to help more West Michigan business and home owners afford rooftop solar panels.

Deborah Johnson Wood

After almost a decade of development, Deborah Johnson Wood predicts the future

As she leaves her development news editor post, Deborah Johnson Wood reminds us of just how far Grand Rapids has come, reminisces about her favorite projects, and predicts the future in this honest interview. 


Return of the Speaker Series: Silver Line BRT

Rapid Growth returns with its popular speaker series, focusing on The Rapid's new Silver Line BRT. Jump on one of the buses, check out a station, and see what the buzz is all about on June 26th.


Do Good: Putting a face on local homelessness

Homeless folks face social disadvantages that go far beyond the lack of a safe and suitable home. They have reduced access to private and public services, as well as limited access to vital necessities such as healthcare and dental services. They are often seen as unsuitable for employment, and their travel options are few. In part three of an ongoing series, Do Good profiles one local man whose life has been affected by these issues, and finds out where to go from here.
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