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This Week's Events

Infected Mushroom: Infectious Sounds

Thursday, Apr. 3, 8 p.m. doors
After months of producing techno-fueled events and featuring electronic dance music (EDM) artists from all over our state at the Creston neighborhood's Quinn and Tuite's Irish Pub, the guys at Drift222 have a solid act they are bringing into the area.

This time, instead of focusing on solely on techno, Drift222's selection of Israel's Infected Mushroom – a psytrance act - is a solid if not a bold choice. There will be a world of sounds they rope and ride over the bass-thumping room (and a sea of excited hands raised high in the air.)

Infected Mushroom is in the middle of their Fungus Among Us tour supporting their release, Army of Mushrooms (2012). They have been enchanting audiences with their sub-genre creating style of music as they push the limits of EDM since debuting in 1996.
Adding to their credits, the duo is made up of Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, named one of the world's "10 Best DJ's" by U.K.'s DJ Magazine. Both men have a solid background in classical music training, showcased via music structure as well as the instruments they employ in the creation of their sound.

Drift222 noticed there was an education gap in regards to EDM in this area of the state and has since stepped up to fill this void. The ability to work with the Intersection Lounge in offering such a space to create this type of venture is truly inspiring and fills the void left by training spaces like The DAAC for emerging event promoters looking to get their feet wet.

"No one has the ability to bring a crowd of multiple musical tastes together like Infected Mushroom. Their capacity to present otherworldly acid-driven sound in a live format is unmatched among modern artists," says Drift222 co-founder Andrew Hawks, "This versatility gives us a unique opportunity to introduce our music and perspective to the largest possible audience."

Drift222's Austin Churchill feat. Radwyn Sawyer along with Aux88 live will open for Infected Mushroom.

To keep in the loop with other Drift222 events, please follow them on their Facebook page and @drift_222 on Twitter

Admission: $25

Die Cut: Back to Her Roots

Saturday, Apr. 5, 7:00 p.m. - midnight
There are few artists for whom I will drop everything I am doing to see their handiwork and one of those people is Miranda Sharp, co-owner of the newly opened Glitter Milk Gallery on the West Side of Grand Rapids, who has curated the new show Die Cut that opens on Saturday night.

Sharp, along with partner and furniture artist Josh McVety, is celebrating the grand opening of the new space with a fresh twist on the gallery show. Starting Saturday, Sharp brings together a collection of artists who are creating stickers that can be purchased and later distributed as the collector sees fit.

Not only does this show feature a style of artwork that is a fitting reflection of Sharp's early years as a young designer studying at KCAD (pronounced now as "Kay-Cad," according to sources within Kendall), but this show is also a chance to start with a manageable project, since McVety and Sharp just moved into this new space a few weeks ago.   

Participating in this first show are Anastasiya Metesheva, Anthony Carpenter, Brogan Coral Kingsley, Cheyenne Federiconi, Hannah Kennedy, Hong Meow, Justin C. Henry, Karina Rehrbehn, Mary Winkler, Matthew Hansen, Ricardo Gonzalez, Sera Stanton, Shivana Sookdeo, and Stephanie Kenzie.

Other things to consider: Glitter Milk Gallery will be featuring special artwork giveaways, refreshing beverages provided by Brewery Vivant, and delicious (and sure to be colorful like Sharp) cookies by The Cakabakery of Eastown.

Admission: Free

10th Annual Miss Amateur PowerDiva: Unleash Your Diva, too

Sunday, Apr. 6, 10 p.m.
I cannot seem to go more than one night these days without someone asking me if I have seen RuPaul's Drag Race. And with the show in its 6th season (and with season seven ordered up after a record 1,000,000 likes to the question if it should return or not), you would think that I would have seen it. But I have not.

What I can say I have seen is plenty of local acts over the years since I stumbled in a club one night when the majority of the bars in the city central were gay bars.

On Sunday, PowerDiva Productions, who has been producing shows all over our state, will present the 10th annual Miss Amateur PowerDiva at the popular dance spot Rumors Nightclub.

Unlike other pageants that PowerDiva hosts, this one is for newcomers, so it is always a thrilling night since many of the people competing have never performed in front of a live audience of this size.  

And if you have wanted to release your inner drag queen or king, then all you really need to do is select a stage name, plop down a $40 entry fee and not have won any crowns or held any previous titles in your career. You can apply here.

There is even prize money waiting for you should you be crowned the winner. And unlike that old saying that you can be queen for a day, with a PowerDiva win, you are queen for the whole dang year. Snaps.  

You can reserve a table by calling Rumors at 616-454-8720.

See you on the stage. Chante, chante, chante, walk this way.

Admission: $7 (21+) /  $10 (18+)

The Spring Break Guide: Deluxe City Edition

Sunday, Apr. 6 - Saturday, Apr. 12, times and locations vary
As Rapid Growth takes a week off, G-Sync's Lifestyle Editor knows that while some may be heading to a sunny shore, others may elect to stay closer to home to spend some time with their families and friends in the city.

So in an attempt to help you survive a week of togetherness in a 24/7 spring break environment, here are more than seven days' worth of local activities you might want to consider for your family -- and some simply for you as an adult.

Thursday – Sunday, April 3 - 6: Each year Grand Rapids is invited to dive deep into a collection of films at the Latin American Film Festival. And this year's programming, like every year, presents a model collaboration between education institutions Grand Valley State University, Calvin College, Aquinas College, Ferris State University, and Davenport University. This year's event does not disappoint.  http://grlaff.org/

Sunday, April 6: Fountain Street Church's Oratorio Memorial Concert. Walt Whitman is popping up everywhere, from my work to the recent iPad commercial from Apple. Here is a musical retelling of his work for those parents with older teens or those simply looking to enjoy a poetry-filled afternoon.

Monday, April 7: GVSU's Civic Studio will present Formed Histories, a guided spatial tour from their "Showroom" space on the Westside of the city, beginning the adventure with one key starter question: What form did life take 100 years ago? Free and educational from a historical standpoint.

Tuesday, April 8: Grand Rapids Ballet presents "A Different Tune," choreographed by Attila Mosolygo and featuring the music composed by multi-platinum singer-songwriter Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe and performed by the Grand Rapids Ballet. $5 per person. 

Wednesday, April 9: Opening Day! Not for Whitecaps Baseball but for the annual Grand Rapids Film Festival where more than 46 films will be unspooled at this annual event in downtown Grand Rapids. (Runs through Sunday, April 13.)

Thursday, April 10: Grand Rapids Brewing Company will be the host to a new series of educational films screening at the state's first organic brewery. Kicking off the "No Fracking Way: a Clean Beer Initiative" will be the documentary Gasland Part I. A new delicious new brewery menu will be served up as well, so dive in. Get the pork waffles.

Friday, April 11: With more features than ever before, the Avenue for the Arts' Art.Downtown returns with a fresh energy as (literally) Artists Take Over the city of Grand Rapids in a style all their own. This is a pretty independent event and will more than likely be a great spot to secure a new work of art in a chill environment.

Saturday, April 12: Bring the Green debuts their first huge event that promises something healthier than drinking beer on a beach while over-cooking your skin. In short, 13 honors students from GVSU imagine what could be created under the Designing Social Venture framework, and this is what they have created to offer to the city of Grand Rapids: a fitness day with a nod to community, wellness and, of course, having a really good time in the process. Visit the schedule of the events here.
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