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This Week's Events

Dining Out For Life: Eating well and doing good one plate at a time

Thursday, Apr. 30
Each year since 1991, Dining Out For Life has asked restaurants all over the United States and Canada to consider setting aside one day to consider how the food they craft could be harnessed to create an impact for good in our communities.
More than 60 cities band have banded together this year to celebrate the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS. In turn, by dining out at any one of the participating restaurants, communities hope to raise more than $4 million dollars in a single day to benefit local organizations serving the needs of the HIV/AIDS community.
In West Michigan, more than 25 local restaurants are participating, which could not happen without the generous support of volunteers, national corporate sponsors and area restaurants that have posted the percentage of the tab they will be donating to the organization.
And while Dining Out for Life is an organization with national reach, apart from a small participation fee, each city, including our local beneficiary Grand Rapids Red Project, retains a very healthy portion of the proceeds to support their operation here in the greater Grand Rapids region.
The story of Dining Out For Life is a humble one that began when a volunteer at ActionAIDS created the first event in the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia.) 
Admission: It is what you want to spend … so order an appetizer and a desert with pride.

Grand Raggidy Roller Derby: Lots of changes on the rink (and off)

Saturday, May 2, 5 p.m. (doors), 6 p.m. (game)
Last month, the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, who are celebrating 10 years of blazing new trails within the sports world this month, made a huge move. Not only did they change their name to be more inclusive, but in doing so the Grand Raggidy Roller Derby (GRRD) introduced a brand new opportunity for the boys to get on the track.
On the occasion of their tenth anniversary match on May 2, the GRRD will be inviting all former roller girls and fans of the last 10 years to join them at the Rivertown Sports space. It is a reunion unlike any other that I can recall. It is also a chance to check out the new logo (and website at grandraggidy.com) as they debut new merchandise. 
The match, a doubleheader against the Carolina Rollergirls, will feature prizes, tailgating and other surprises – not to mention a chance to see many of the roller girls who have come and gone from the rink.
Immediately after the match, our girls will head to The Rez on Plainfield where they will celebrate as they always do at this popular Creston pub. The crowd-favorite participatory moment, Pants Off Dance Off, (if it happens) is typically at 1 a.m.
Admission: $12 pre-game, $15 at the door (if available)

Brushes & Brews: Shock of the new with a brew to a view

Friday, May 1, 7:00 p.m. - 1 a.m.
In February 2014 a mural challenge was submitted to Mulligan's Pub by Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) to create something original and fresh for the local Eastown watering hole. (Mulligan's is the number seven account in the nation for PBR.)
But Mulligan's design submission, created by two local artists, Tubes (Joe Parsaca) and Norteaa (Nick Nortier), sat on the desk for nine whole months before finally getting the green light. 
According to the artists, this new mural – a true collaborative labor of love – took three months ago to execute, and on Friday night you are invited to come out and see their design in an art opening unlike any other.
As to the meaning behind this fantastical and richly imaginative design, Norteaa says, "One person would throw out an idea and the other would expand upon it and respond with an even more ridiculous idea until we came up with what we did, which is a collaboration of silly concepts and fun characters."
Performing at this celebration will be Assorted Anonymous, Dante Cope, Rosewood 2055, Lady Ace Boogie, Razz Na$-T, Rich Gannon with DJ TUFF (Jonny Kemp) and Choppy Blades on the 1s and 2s.
The night will be featured later as a part of the artists' behind-the-scenes video look-back at the whole project. This video is courtesy of Andy Miller of Orange Cap Pictures. A very special and limited edition T-shirt designed by Tubes and Norteaa will be available on this night.

BassBin: Five years and getting closer to 24/7

Monday, May 4, 9:30 p.m.
Five years ago, when local DJ SuperDre (who has since moved to Detroit) launched her iconic party, BassBin, in Eastown, it was hard to imagine how the event – and the city – would change.
On Monday night, the faithful will gather to celebrate what she has been made possible as well as showcase that our city has easily shifted into a 24 /7 mindset, as  events move from their weekend stronghold and begin taking over the other days of the week. Monday was always tough but is becoming less so, and we can thank people like SuperDre for the vision she unleashed five years ago.
Right from the start, she wanted this event to be more than just the music, so SuperDre used her contacts in the local and international industry to welcome DJs living in and passing through the Midwest to take a spin on the decks at Billy's Lounge. And, as they say, the rest is Herstory.
It was a risk and many others would have walked away by now. But SuperDre is like a tireless source of energy, and hitting the five-year mark has been done with very little sweating in front of the public even though since she started and produced this weekly event, she has moved to Los Angeles, then to Detroit, and juggled a new romance all along the way. It has been a thrill to watch each week and to realize people are changing the way they view West Michigan because of the acts this event is attracting.
A big part of this shift is due to people like SuperDre. So come celebrate with the faithful as we welcome to the turntables on the occasion of BassBin's fifth anniversary event, Sub-terran-ean's Nešto, Detroit's TV Lounge DJ's Mr. Joshooa and Aran Daniels, and of course, SuperDre.
Admission: 21+ only, no cover. Happy hour until midnight.



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